I know you now

We stared into one another, he took everything in about me, and I him. How his hair is growing millimeter but millimetre each day, how inquisitive those once blurred eyes now are seeking my familiar stare and those lips that mirror his father's. I wonder what he see's in me? It's such a precious thing, … Continue reading I know you now

Motherhood = unpredictability

Today my wee baby bear had his first immunizations! This isn't going to be an argument about immunizations, if you choose to or not to, it's your choice and I'm never going to tell you your wrong, because you know best for your child. Anyway. I have been nervous for a good couple of days … Continue reading Motherhood = unpredictability

The Parent Panic.

Being a first time parent is incredible! You couldn't imagine life being more fulfilling. But you are learning on the job, and there are a few things that you can't help but freak out about.. This constant stream of news about Trump, ISIS and global climate change has me thinking "What kind of world have … Continue reading The Parent Panic.