My self-care plans for 2018.

This morning I did my first yoga session in over a month and this incredible force came over me and I had to cry, I couldn’t help it. It feels like i’ve been stuck in a vicious cycle of not looking after myself for so long that I felt stuck, and something triggered in my brain this morning after giving myself some TLC, something released inside of me which was followed by this huge wave of relief. Relief that I CAN be happy with myself again, I CAN get out of this vicious cycle, that I CAN actually put good fuel into my body and ensure I practise my yoga daily and I can ensure that I do the things that make me happier

This year I’m enforcing a self-care plan to improve my overall well being!

Things that raise my vibrations and keep me feeling happy:

Truth Yoga Challenge Day 1
Acknowledging my third eye, opening myself to the wisdom of the universe. Truth Yoga Challenge day 1.


A clean environment free from clutter – Having clean and clear surfaces free from clutter frees my mind from the constant need to clean and clear. When I don’t keep a clean space my head reflects the space and I can’t physically or mentally turn off from it. This is a pet hate of mine and I may be slightly OCD to be frank. But being open and honest about how I feel around mess and how it affects my mental well being

Sticking to a routine (somewhat) – This is extremely important to me being a mother of a nearing 1 year old. Torben needs routine and I need routine. By ensuring us a routine I am repeating my daily tasks and making them a habit, and when a make self-care habitual I am much healthier physically and mentally.

Planning ahead (food plans, todo lists ect) – When I am organised I can see what needs to be done, I am mentally organised for what is to come. Meal planning one day a week ensures I don’t have to do as much ad libbing through the week and means we eat healthier as a family which will reflect directly onto my physical health as well. Todo lists give me a sense of accomplishment, especially being a stay at home mama, my self worth can deteriorate quickly if I let it, so ensuring I have several tasks a day to do and stick to it I’m building my self worth back up.

Being open and honest about my emotions: I cannot reiterate this enough! When I close myself off and deny myself the honestly of opening up and being honest about how I feel, things back up and eventually I explode, or I become so full of anger that the wrong person (usually my better half..) gets an earful, or those little things people do that usually wouldn’t bother me start to get the better of me. When I am open and honest I release emotions and let them pass through me allowing me to be more open and receptive to positive vibrations.

When I ensure I do these small things everyday I raise my vibrations, ensuring my overall well being is a priority! I deserve to look after myself, to do exercise and eat wholesome food!

Do you have a self-care plan for 2018? Or do you just practise small things everyday? Leave a comment telling me what you do or plan to do!

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