Resolutions; dissolution

Hello 2018, and hello all of you beautiful wordpress folks, I hope you all had a grand entrance to 2018.

This new years was my 25th new years earth side, and it was my first time seeing the new years sober (apart from being pregnant) in a very very long time. This year was different, whether I like it or not there was always going to be something hugely different about the way i feel this particular new years. Maybe it’s because in 2017 I became a mother, maybe its because I turned 25 or maybe it’s a combination of life that led me to this milestone. A milestone where I have the ability to open my mind enough to venture deeper into my spiritual side, the side where there’s always more love for myself and for those around me.edf

I don’t have a ‘resolution’, but a dissolution to abolish all my pent up hatred, all of the past experiences haunting me and to begin to love all unconditionally, to forgive but not forget, to love freely without strings, to give myself the love i deserve and be open and honest about it.

I look forward to what 2018 brings, and I hope no matter what your 2017 was like, you have an open heart knowing that your manifestations will come true in 2018.

All the love,

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