Garden banter – Dream come true.

Finally, I have started to germinate  some seeds to begin my first proper vegetable garden, as of yet nothing fancy, which suits me to a tee. Some courgette seeds, spinach, basil to name a few. I never knew how beautiful the seeds of plants could be, how entrancing they can look!

The seed of spinach, spiky, dangerous, the basil seed, small and simple. Its hard to believe they will grow into a beautiful plant in only 10 or so weeks. How lucky we are, to live on a planet that looks after us as such! If only we knew how to look after our mother earth and still maintain our whenua, our ground.

I’ve spent a lifetime of taking, but never replacing what I take, never respecting the fact that we are one, and to thrive we need to be at first, constantly aware of that fact, and as we learn these simple but valuable lessons it becomes a part of us; we are the same, we are the ones who has to change in order to keep our world alive. Learning this has been life changing, I can never look back now.

I want to grow a bountiful garden, beautiful in its unorganised but natural state. I want to provide for people, sustain our mother earth and show people that there is a remedy for what we have done to our planet.

Once you have knowledge you are forever changed, you cannot return to the state of naivety prior to this knowledge, and therefore you must live with a heavy mind or move forward with conviction.


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