Step 1 – What is step 1?

Here’s to it; the start of an amazing adventure, finding ways to do our part for this glorious mother earth, to give back all she has given to us. It feels good, finally coming to the realization that this is a path I must take. But where do I start? How do we become an eco friendly household?

We have made very small changes over the last couple of years. We haven’t been using plastic bags for about a year now yet, they seem to make an appearance in our home all to regularly, I’ve been using disposable nappies since Torben was born (we certainly don’t have the money behind us to purchase a bulk lot of reusables), we opted out of paper statements with our banks and various other services, we buy eco friendly dish detergent, dish washing tablets, so, my question is, where the hell do I go from here? Where do I start? How do we step it up a notch?

I’m going to start investing in making my own cleaning products, buying mainly secondhand or from sustainable sources (or even better – learning to live without), making a lot of our own food stuffs in order to save on packaging (things like hummus, dips, you get the picture) and growing our own vegetables just to name a few of the bigger changes we will be undergoing in the next couple of months.

I need to keep reminding myself that this is bigger than me, saving the world one small step at a time is necessary and when my laziness creeps in I need to remind myself of this.

If you have experience in permaculture, sustainability, environmental issues, or if your and/or your family are living more sustainably please, I implore you to reach out! I am super excited to connect with you guys!

If you want to see more of my journey, follow me on instagram @consciousmama_ 



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