How I plan to change the world.

I’ve always known I wanted to do something great, to influence people around me to want to be better, greater, happier.

I’ve slowly been finding myself throughout the years of young adulthood, now a mother and still a moderately young adult; I now know that I don’t want to sit idly by in this life i’ve lead myself to be okay with. I don’t want to judge others, but to lift them up. But I need to learn that the choices I make, I can’t expect other people to adhere to, or understand, and I need to learn to be okay with that. As each day passes I become all the more accepting, and as I become more accepting my anxiety slowly dispels, I sleep just a teeny bit better each night, my heart can love more and I have more power over my thoughts.

I want to  be a world united, a world in love. I don’t just want to help my country, I want to help the world. We are all one, all of the same.

I open my inner eye and ground myself through this earth and realize we are one, we are love, ever evolving.


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