Motherhood – How it’s changed me.

I like to tell myself that I am essentially the same person I was 7 months ago, but the truth is: I am a vastly different human to who I was. I now know selflessness, how it truly feels to put another being’s needs before my own.

The biggest change seems to be my thought process. I see so much more of the world now. I try just that much harder to be a positive person, to not lose my temper and to constantly better myself. This little being that came from me is influencing me in ways he will never know until he himself becomes a parent, if he so chooses. Isn’t that mind blowing? That each and every single human on this planet earth moved their parents in such a way? We moved their whole entire universe, just like our children do to us.

Time has warped completely, sometimes I don’t know if I’m up or down, while other times it feels as if time has almost ceased to exist. But the happiness that motherhood, has generated is unmeasurable.

btyI no longer freely let people enter my life; this is not a show that you can choose to partake in as you please. You must of proven yourself positive, loyal and supportive to have the opportunity to be impressionable on our tiny human’s life. The small amount of people we choose to have in our lives now are important to us, as close as family. There is no negative connotation here, just cautious allowance.

I no longer wish to partake in the weekend endeavours I once did, although every once in a blue moon is certainly appreciated. Home is now where I prefer to be, where once I preferred the early hours of the morning and the company of many to fill the void i once had within me, but there isn’t much left of the void to fill now, as it’s almost over flowing and I am happy.

Motherhood has changed me. It has been an evolving part of my journey and I am glad I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to connect with this part of myself.


I have been gifted motherhood, through motherhood I realize what I am capable of. Everyday I become self accepting, learning how to love more therefore loving myself more and more. I teach self acceptance, love and positivity every day.

All the love, Alexa.

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