Gratitude 6 – This place called home

Home is where the heart lies, where family resides; a place that captures a part of our soul.

Pieces of my essence are scattered throughout, along with my partners and now, our son.

Family and friends adorn the walls or just placed where we can gaze upon them and smile, remembering a time when that photo was taken, who we once were.

A wooden bowl of crystals, tumbled stones and a feather, prayer flags and an oil burner; things that mellow our restless souls. An old chair, accrued via another favourite pastime: op-shopping.

A corner dedicated to our son, where toys stay and live. A direction our smiles tend to be prevalent and where our hearts are warmed, changed.

Although only static these belongings, what truly makes this place is the warmth from our love, our living and the memories cherished as we grow through life.

I am growing through the gratitude I grow, slowly but surely learning to point out the positives in life, soon I won’t be able to see the negative. Although there is only light if the dark exists and all must be dark to be light. Home is the light, always; we fill it with who we are, what keeps us feeling safe, loved and comfortable. I want all that enter our house to feel welcome, to be offered tea, food and leave feeling uplifted, a little more loved. This is sacred this space, but to be shared.

I release my negative thoughts, releasing all negativity and filling the space with positivity and love.

All the love, Alexa.

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