Thankful Thursday: How to love your mind, body and soul

I have always had a hate/love relationship with myself and my body. I’ve always been highly inconsistent, extremely critical and self-deprecating, even if it may often seem more inward. It’s one thing I’ve never really enjoyed talking about because it hits a soft spot in the emotional region.

I’m trying to constantly reinforce a positive state of mind, to push through the negative thoughts and vanquish them with the power of my mind. Its no easy feat, but once i’ve been practising for a lifetime it will be taught, and I will just know. But between now and then I have to learn to love myself, to treat myself with respect and honor the beauty in me. I find building other people up has been a huge influence on how I see myself, by changing my thoughts immediately, I am able to rewire my brain. Where I once used to judge openly I turn those judgements around and form a beautiful conclusion.

We are our own worst critic, we are not taught to love ourselves to the extent we deserve. We are our own universe, the more we realize this the more we will appreciate who we are. When you learn to channel your inner voice to better your current mindset you are are unstoppable. Conventional beauty is just that; you don’t have to be conventional, you are you and there is nothing more beautiful. Your imperfections are beauty, your clothes, your hair, the way you think and process, it’s all beautiful, just turn it around and see yourself for the perfectly imperfect human you truly are and your power will be tenfold.

edfYour mind will be lighter when you learn to love yourself, your tolerance will be higher and your state of being will raise others. Even when you have a challenging day, take it as that; a challenge. Learn the lessons from that day so you are prepared for the next. Open your mind, your heart and in turn your soul, practise mindfulness. Paint, sing, walk outside bare footed, dance in the rain or simply turn on some high vibrational music, do something you love, even once a day, put yourself first, the results are invaluable.

Look at your body for the amazing things it has done and continues to do, look at your beautiful child. Tell yourself everyday how incredible your body is, look what it did! What you did! Remind yourself, every hour if you have to at first, how beautiful the world is, find something you are grateful for and incorporate it into your gratitude practise.

affirmation: “I am worthy of all love, I have an open heart so I can accept the love I deserve and love those around me”.

Love from, Alexa. (The Three Bears)

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