Absence makes the heart think about subject matter.

Unfortunately this is a short post! 

Our little fam is on the move and it’s very difficult to juggle writing decent posts between, well, trying to adult right now! My attention for the next week and a bit is going to be on moving and getting us all settled and into some sort of a routine. Not that I can control our wee cubs rourine but, hey. 

On a quick side note, I have made the choice to transition to a vegetarian lifestyle. Basically, I’m constantly finding myself wanting to try to become way more conscious of the state of our planet and how unsustainable our current way of living is and how wasteful we can all be, and I’ve never practised what I preach. Now having a child and really having to care about the state our world is in and it’s future I can’t sit by and just carry on living how I have been. More on that later!

I would like to thank my followers: your likes and comments make this experience so much more enjoyable! I love writing this blog, reading your amazing blogs and meeting new awesome people!

All the love and support,

The Three Bears NZ.

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