Precious Moments.

Being a family has bought so much warmth and love into my heart and soul; I realize just how lucky I am every single day.

I love it when I catch myself lovingly gazing at my two boys having morning cuddles, when both Nathan and I are both bent over cooing at our beautiful cubs smiling face. It feels like the earth itself stops rotating for that brief moment in time.

It’s hard to define love before having a child. We always loved our partners, but our love grows exponentially once our children enter this world. I’ve found it’s not just within my family but to all the people around me that I am now capable of loving more.

I have a greater sense of gratitude to seek out the beauty around me, and I find myself becoming a fuller, happier human being every day.

I love having the opportunity to capture these hovering moments in time; a candid photo of my child’s smile will bring so many people in his life a small gleam of his being. That brings me great joy.

These are precious moments in time, and we must try to be grateful in these moments and let them procreate into a magical montage of greatness.

The Three Bears NZ.

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