Love Thyself.

I’ve been struggling to look after myself ‘properly’ ever since Torben entered this world. I promised myself a walk a day, to exclude dairy from my diet and to attempt earlier nights. I know it does no one any good, specifically myself, to beat myself up over empty promises. But I can’t help but feel disappointed in myself.

A friend of mine and I have signed up for beginners yoga and I am enthralled that it’s one thing I certainly can’t or won’t make excuses to get out of. The dog ate my yoga pants just won’t cut it.

Vegetable breakfast bowl with grilled haloumi + turmeric yogurt and homemade basil pesto.

I am a qualified chef so I absolutely love food and cooking; it’s one of my passions. Since becoming a mother I find myself having only moments of being absolutely adamant about my strict diet, the other half I resort to ‘I’m too tired to cook, let’s get pizza with all of the extra mozzarella’. If i’m going to have bad food, i might as well have all of the bad food. That’s logic, right?

When I do have the energy to make a healthy meal I love cooking and using clean, green and as much organic ingredients as I can! It brings me a lot of joy to feed myself and those that I love. So why can’t I be consistent at the moment?

Bulgar wheat with basil + cherry tomatoes + cashews + olives + goat’s milk feta and apple cider vinegar dressing.

For me, it all boils down to how tired I am on any given day, which at the moment seems to be all of the time; it’s just one annoying cycle.

  1. I’m tired because I don’t get to bed early or take advantage of the sleep that is available to me.
  2. I don’t get to bed early enough because I’m trying to clean the house so I don’t wake up to a mess.
  3. I clean the house so I don’t wake up to a mess because I want to have time to cook a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  4. But I wake up the next morning tired. 

And thus the cycle starts again!

However, I have an idea to keep myself in check and to finally break the cycle!

  1. I will post a recipe, photo or ‘food diary’ each day!
  2. I must have a class on the go at any given time that I am able to do whilst recovering from my c-section.

I don’t plan on counting calories and weighing myself, that’s not my reason for any of this. I want to be a healthier, happier me. I want to be able to chase my little bear cub around and not feel like Harry Heartattack!

Does anyone else have this problem? Leave your story in the comments!

All of the love and support,

The Three Bears NZ.

5 thoughts on “Love Thyself.

  1. ((hugs)) mama, it is tiring to take care of little ones!! That being said, it’s definitely important to take care of us mamas and daddies, too. I think your plan sounds good!
    Also, I love the look of those dishes – yum!!

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  2. It is very hard to start following a healthy path, especially when you are busy and barely have any time for yourself. But don’t beat yourself up for it, take it one little step at the time. I totally get it, when you feel so tired you just want to put a frozen pizza in the oven and not worry about preparing anything. And that’s ok, sometimes we all need to be a bit lazy. Make one change at the time, maybe instead of snacking 4 times a day, cut it down to two, or if you eat something unhealthy just try to eat a bit less. Add a couple extra portions of fruit and vegetables to your daily diet and slowly decrease the food that doesn’t make you feel happy. Remember, there is no rush, take your time and once you start with a few changes, it will become easier changing some more! 🙂 Monica x

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    1. Thank you that’s fantastic advice! I’ll get there! Once our wee man sleeps a bit more and is in more of a routine it will make it a lot more attainable to prepare and cook food. I’m going to try and do a reasonable amount of food prep when my partner is home, helpfully! Thanks again! Xx.

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      1. Yes I think one of the best things you can do is cooking in big batches and freeze the food. That way all you have to do is taking it out in the freezer and warm it up. The same thing you would be doing with a pizza, but at least you are eating healthy! 😉 x

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